Five ways to balance work and personal life

Sometimes, care or academic career and own life will be very busy. Most adults are likely to have to admit that their studies or work intrusion of personal relationships or family life, and in turn, personal relationships or family life also cause interference with school or work. If you can strike a balance between work and own life, your task will be more efficient, not so easy to overwork. While balancing the two is not easy, but not impossible. You must carefully be planned, carefully prepared. Learn more family tips. Click

Try to separate work and play. This is the era of online learning and distance work. You can stay at home for a whole day to complete all sorts of things. Remote school or work to make your family life a little more flexible. However, this approach also has drawbacks that could quietly work or school intrusive your family life. There is always work when you do; it’s hard to abandon them. Moreover, homes and offices into one, there is no obvious gap, in this case, you work hard to switch from state to state personal life. To solve this problem, you need to prepare a special work area.

If you work remotely or online classes, you will find a library, a coffee shop at the local, remote workers or students maker culture dedicated community work, and efficiency will be higher. After completing the task, you can leave that environment, which can help you switch to personal living conditions.

If you have to work from home, then try to set aside a space dedicated to work. You can set up a dedicated home office; you can free up a place on the kitchen table. Even if you occasionally work elsewhere, it does not matter.

If you work in a traditional office, we must try to relax, so that his personal life after work into the state from the working state. For example, you can listen to music on the way home, or audio books, you can also go to the gym, or call a friend in conversation.

Setting priorities. Maintained between work life and personal life balance is like walking a tightrope, you want to go smoothly, we should prioritise things. In this way, when push comes to shove, or emergency occurs, you do not need to tangle which the most important thing.

The most important thing in life set out, can be a family, emotional relationships, work or spiritual life, can also be a volunteer, remain active, maintaining a social circle or other hobbies.

Take a look at this list, to sort these things. The most important in the first place, the next most important in second place, and so on. Your sort will allow you to prioritise things. In this way, you can put the most important things into the schedule and weekly schedule.

The development schedule and strictly adhere to them. If one week unwittingly passed, you can not remember what they’ve accomplished the task, and then you should take a week, take their own do everything recorded. When this past week, you should be more clearly how the different tasks of work or study, or personal activities schedule errands into your schedule.

The most helpful approach is to develop a routine matter covering all week schedule, to work, school, church, social activities and other one-time activities are included. Then, based on your priorities, every night a column of personal tasks to-do list, left the next day.

Schedule list should highlight the need to complete the day’s three most important tasks (except for work or school tasks). Can be a task, such as doing the report, it can be a private task, such as going to the dentist or to watch her daughter’s ballet.

If you feel that such a list too restrictive, it may be two lists, one list of the three main tasks or academic task, another listed three major household tasks. As long as you do this 3-6 day mission, you will be able to spend the day efficiently.

Deal with delays. Procrastination is a major obstacle to frustrate you balance work and personal life. Because you always wait until the last minute and only then things are done, so your work and personal life would be another case of infestation occur. This leads you to work late, or as a private matter distraction at work.

There is a method to overcome procrastination is: Write down your school, embarked on a career path or do other things in mind. For example, if you want to help others, then you may wish to keep in mind when dealing with such tasks inherent mission: These tasks can help you achieve your goals to help others. The various reasons for doing things like lists, attached to the place of work, lack of motivation when you look at it.

Another victory over delays in the completion of a task is this: to break down large tasks into smaller tasks. Doing so can make the whole big task does not look so terrible in the process of the gradual completion of small tasks, you will be more motivated.

Eliminate distractions so. If you know how many distractions to make you devour your time being, reduce efficiency, you will be amazed. Studies have estimated that most people spend 20 minutes per hour to deal with those outside the program to make their distractions. As a result, they have to spend a full two hours to refocus every day. If you can try to eliminate those who make things that you can not concentrate on work, they will be able to prevent the continued intrusion into your personal life when you are off work. Try these tips to correct the interference the following:

Focus on the important tasks rather than the urgent task – you need urgent task reactive, important tasks you will need to take the initiative

Turn off your phone or computer notifications

Let office space clean and orderly

Turn off your computer is not frequently used programs

Only when conventional short break to drink water, eat a snack or go to the toilet, try not to interrupt work

Creative.No matter how hard you try to keep a balance, there will always be the case two urgent touches together. At this point, you should learn to be creative, come up with possible ways to deal with emergencies, and deal with another thing.

For example, perhaps you work overtime every week, and the other half cannot go out to play. Well, you may wish to deliberately create a romantic atmosphere at dinner time points candles, or find a partner to sit at night and enjoy a fine selection of movies on the sofa. Do not take up too much of your time, and you can also prevent your partner feel being left out.

You can probably be turned down those large projects, or a colleague and shared the work, to reduce their workload. If you can not reduce the workload, it is a good plan on how the park during lunchtime with family, or with family members participate in the company picnic.

Assess your situation.No matter how hard you strike a balance, there are always sometimes you need to cross the boundaries between work and personal life, especially when you have children. Think about your work and personal life, and there are circumstances in which you need to make a cross-border move. Think about your family and personal responsibility. When you work, how long they need to take care of you once? How often do you need to fulfil a family responsibility?

For example, if you have young children, it may be necessary to adjust your work schedule around the child’s living arrangements. Or, if you are a child’s primary caregiver, and work at home, so, whenever a child in need, you’ll have to put off the task at hand, take some time to take care of children’s needs.

Sometimes, you may have to deal with work, and then take care of personal life. For example, if you are on-call healthcare workers, sometimes you may have to work and to cancel some scheduled personal life.

Take care of the body. In the workplace, school or home, we can demand of others as the most important, self-neglect your body needs. Unfortunately, once you ignore health, may pay dearly, for example, we had to absenteeism or truancy, unable to participate in various social and family events. If you’re worried about all the tasks cannot be completed, it will create pressure on yourself; if not handled properly, stress can damage your health.

To relieve the pressure, physical fitness, be sure to exercise several times a week. You can join the company’s sports teams, and can also partner with jogging around the block, but also to the local gym.

In addition to exercise, a balanced daily diet, adequate sleep, participate in outdoor activities interest, can help you beat stress.

Maintain your interests. When work, school or relationships is imperative that we deal with, we may give up interests to deal with those urgent things. The problem is that once we give up these interests, it can not resolve work and personal stress. You should strive to protect his spare time, continue to participate in social activities and interests.

After a lot of work, you may wish to take a break and enjoy hobbies.

Another way to maintain your interests, hobbies and that is the inclusion agenda. Just like with project work or family obligations as your pottery class or book club activities are also written on the calendar.

Learn to say “no.”At first, you may think someone is rude to refuse or selfish act, but after a few tries, you may find that selectively turned down projects or opportunities makes you free. If someone requests not only of the highest order and you are consistent and do not make things difficult for you that tight schedule, then you can agree to these requests. The following methods to teach you how to say “no”:

To the other party that you understand his request is very important, it might say: “It sounds like a good opportunity, but ……”

Briefly explain, for example, “Frankly, this is a bit beyond the scope of my ability,” or “I have a lot of task deadline is coming up.”

Recommended alternative to each other. For example, you can say: “I can not do, but I think Amy can be competent.”

Make a choice. If work and family life continue to make you exhausted, then you need to make some trade-offs between the two. Otherwise, you would have been under a lot of pressure, boredom. Good look at your life and see which side needs more space.

Do you often receive calls, you need to back to the office from home? Is the boss not always at the last minute to throw a bunch of tasks for you? Whether your financial situation allows you to reduce the workload? If you answered mostly yes, it shows that the work may have infested your personal life, however, you might be able to discuss with the boss, see if we can reduce their working hours or workload.

If you are a working mother, shorter working hours may make you feel more satisfied. Research shows that if women can shorten working hours to take care of family needs, they will be happier.

Does your partner or spouse is often home to some non-urgent matters, and interrupt your work? Are you as a friend or partner and make merry all night, worrying and lead to job performance? Do you have to put aside work, to deal with a lot of errands or doing housework? For any of these questions, if you answer “yes”, then your family life is strangling your ability to work. For those who frequently disturb you at home to work, you must make sure they have to do, and they draw the line.

Respectively, to establish the image of career and personal life image. Social media has been rooted in most people’s work and family life, and therefore, the image of the workplace may be difficult to separate life and personal image. If you both work and leisure are active online, then you need to set up each image of the workplace and personal life images, monitor their online content released in compliance with a different identity.

Many people choose to use LinkedIn (LinkedIn) to maintain contacts or academic workplace contact, or Instagram to interact with family or friends on Facebook (Facebook).

It must be clear how to deal with work and personal data. If you are a telecommuter, you must know what company policy in the division of work data and personal data. Some companies will provide a separate device (such as telephones and computers) for employees, the provisions of these devices only for work. Other companies allow employees to use personal devices to work.

Guide and look for these things about. In addition, we must ensure that all personal data, such as contacts, photos and music, have been properly backed up.

Online defining active time. If your job is inseparable from social media, then you may find yourself using social media time, in fact, much higher than the required work. Landing several times a day or have a notification pops up on landing view, this approach will not only disrupt the work will interfere with personal life.

You can break the network a few hours a day. Or, choose a short period with friends and fans interact, then exit the accounts rest of the day are no longer log in.

Try to maintain fixed working hours.Working from home can be difficult to remain a fixed daily working hour, but doing so can help you to separate work and family life. Select realistic working hours, and then strictly adhered to. For example, you might have done the job is scheduled for Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 16:30.

Do not let work encroach time personal time. To the end of the workday, to stop the task at hand, close the laptop, leave the workplace.

Try to make time to work in harmony with the personal life. For example, if you want to have something on the weekend, try to avoid work on weekends.

Even working from home, but also dressed formally. Put wear in the morning, at night in exchange for other clothes. Roll up out of bed in the morning, wearing pyjamas go directly to the workplace, and this does not help you to convert to a working state. Wearing evening wear is not conducive to switch back to your life status.

Try to time to get up early to work longer than 30-60 minutes so that you can be dressed up for work ready.

It’s time to relax, be sure to wear replaced. For example, you can put on pajamas, and you can put on your favourite pair of jeans and T-shirts.

Lunch break it. When you work in an office, the lunch break is necessary; others may also remind you to do so. However, when you work at home, you may not always remember lunch. You may be tempted to continuous work, or eat lunch in the workplace. Do it wrong, and you should put the lunch break of the day as the necessary arrangements.

Develop starting and ending time of the lunch break every day. For example, you can take every day at noon 12:00 to 12:30 as lunch breaks.

Please remind your family and the other half in lunch hours of rest. If you are worried about forgetting the lunch break, then ask a friend or family member to time to remind you.

Stop yourself from doing household chores. When you take a break or work phone call, you may want to do some household chores, but doing so would blur the dividing line between work and family life, so you should not have done.

Do not do housework work, do not do anything unrelated to work. If you find that you want to complete a home, then put the housework written on the notepad, and then work to deal with the end of the day.

Remember that the method is always individual. For example, folding clothes if you find a short break helps to relax, then fold your clothes go!

After the end of the day, Indulge yourself. It is important to find a simple way to reward yourself for a hard day’s labour. You can go out for a walk, a cup of coffee, talking with friends, or declares the second day with other enjoyable activities of the working end.

After the end of the day, you may wish to take part in some social activities. Working from home may be isolated from the crowd, you need to try to interact with others. You can chat and the other half at the end of the work, about some friends out for coffee, or attend aerobics classes.

What May wish to schedule is more flexible. Fixed working hours may not be for everyone, especially those with young children. You may have to adapt to this rhythm of work every 5-10 minutes, to meet the child’s needs, or may be completed during the day did not finish work in the evening.

Parents if you are working from home, you may also need to be flexible to arrange a time to balance work and personal life. For example, there are young children in the side, may have to wait until after their children fall asleep or partner to go home in the evening, then work twelve hours if you work from home.

If you intend to schedule flexible to accommodate the needs of children, we must obtain the consent of the employer or client. If the employer expects you to work every day for a fixed period, you may not be able to arrange a flexible time. However, if you are a freelancer, you may be free to work during the day or night.

Use other ways to take care of children. Ask someone to help you take care of the children a few hours a day is a good choice. If the child’s grandparents or other family members living in the vicinity, and are willing to spend a few hours every day to help you take care of the children, perhaps you should ask them for help.

Think about your child’s temporary care and are willing to accept that way. For example, you can allow parents to come to your house, and you can also send their children to his grandmother playing there several times a week.

If economic conditions permit, to spend money to hire a reliable nanny to help care for their children is a good choice. If you always have a good nanny did not ask, then ask friends and family to recommend candidates.

When you work, let the children have fun through a variety of game box. If you can not find someone to help you when you see kids working during the day, then you need to find other ways to get the kids something to do while you work. One way is to make a game filled with all sorts of interesting stuff in boxes, so that the child while you work on something to be busy.

To game box filled with toys and stuff, so the children happy to play while you work. For example, a game box can hold crayons, modelling clay, colouring books, stickers, puzzles and other specially prepared for the children’s toys.

Ready the night before the game box, then put the game box placed near the workplace. You can find an empty shoebox or another small box, and then pick some into the box from the child’s toys or other gadgets inside. You can even put a small gift as a surprise, such as a new colouring book or a stack of new stickers.

You can also create different themes of the game box. For example, if you want to teach children to recognise colours, you can make the special game place a red box of toys, special place blue toy game box and so on. You can also according to the child’s favourite movies, books, shows or characters, making the game a topic box.

And children stay in the same room to work. Easy to do child care, when the child needs to provide more entertainment options. For example, if you work outside the home office, you can find a place covered with special blankets or mats fun, let the children play with his favourite toy on top.

You may also need to learn how to work one side, and while the children play speak. Interactive children and at the same time work is a skill that you can develop this skill through practice.

If you have a backyard for children to play in or near the park playground home, consider the afternoon to find and work with the children to the outdoors.